Elon Musk plans super fast train.

This article got my attention, and it should get your attention.

Elon Musk plans super fast train from Los Angeles to San Francisco.  He is the man behind the successful PayPal and Tesla Motors.  What would a super fast train from LA to San Fran mean for business?  Your business?

Personally, I think the train should be from Seattle, through Portland, to San Francisco, and maybe on down to San Diego.  A lot of people already commute from Portland, commuting lowers their cost of living.

But, onto technology and what this would mean for you.

Companies in the San Francisco area would suddenly have a much larger pool of available personnel.  The single biggest problem in San Francisco is cost.  Cost of ownership, from housing to parking.

And that greatly inflates what an employee needs to live on.

But, a 30 minute commute from LA?  One hour from San Diego?

And you would open up your talent pool at a much lower TCO, total cost of ownership.

Everything is about outsourcing costs.  Well, almost everything.