The rain came today.


And I thought Texas weather went from dry to wet fast.

Last night, I was drenched, because I didn’t want to carry my umbrella.


So, today, I went in to the neighboring town, that little “Pearl on the Black Sea, Odessa.”  This time, I took an umbrella, and a Gore-Tex rain jacket.  Both were worth the money I paid for them.

Well, I ended up at a ‘Church Picnic.’  Great grilled hot dogs, and other various foods.

But, few brought an umbrella.  The gentleman that I am, I loaned out both my rain jacket, and my umbrella.

The rain came.  I got wet.

Can we ever be ‘over prepared?’

Yes.  We can.  But, we cannot be over prepared for the ‘expected.’  We can expect, rain, snow, sun, and accidents.  So, when we say we were not ready, we are really saying that we did not prepare.

Are you prepared for an earthquake?  A hurricane?  A tornado?  Are you ready for the most preventable disaster that usually wipes out technology – a fire?

A fire is the most common disaster, and it is preventable.  At least the disaster a fire causes can be prevented.  We may not prevent the fire, but we can prevent the after-effects.

The easily prepared for after-effects?

Flooding – from sprinklers and firemen.

Power surges – from shorts caused by water and failing power lines.  Ironically, shutting down power in an emergency, to prevent shorts from the water, is often done with ‘un-conditioned’ power.  That melts down servers and workstations.

Loss from inadequate fail over.  This still happens today, every day.

Operational outage while waiting for replacement of damaged equipment and facilities.

Down time, because personnel are away from primary phone lines and computers.

We can conduct a disaster preparedness review for you.

Why?  Two simple reasons.  Companies which lose a major database almost always go bankrupt.  We can discuss the why later.

And two, it is really easy.

Did you like the simple way I looked at Backup and Recovery?  I hope so, and if I can help you, just call me.