Leadership is key to business.

No matter your position in your organization, your leadership and your team’s leadership, are key to your success.

Here is a good blog on business leadership.

But, I would like to point out three military actions which changed history.

The Alamo, at San Antonio, Texas in 1836.  With the choice to retreat, or stay, fight, and die, the under 200 hundred men chose to stay, fight, and die.  This fight showed the world Texans would fight to the last man for what they believed in.

“Nuts.” was the answer Brig. Gen. McAuliffe gave the Germans at Bastogne.  That answer also came to symbolize American determination against all odds.

When General Eisenhower asked about how to support Bastonge during the Battle of the Bulge, General Patton answered, send my troops.

When Eisenhower asked how long would it take for his troops to get ready to leave, he answered something like, “Just give the order.”  Patton left the meeting and told his staff to “Play ball.”  They moved 3 divisions at the tip of the spear, and 3 follow on divisions to relieve the 101st Airborne at Bastogne.

What decisive leadership does your team need?

What are you building?  Is it the craziest thing “since sliced bread?”  Is it better than the Internet?  Will it transform the world more than the industrial age?  Or, is it simpler than all that?

Are you trying to grow a small hamburger stand in South Philly?

Whatever it is you are doing, your people need leadership.  Great leadership does not win a war every day.  But, they are always ‘ready.’  Teach your people you are ready to make critical decisions for them at a moments notice.

Do not go crazy and blame everyone else.  In my three examples, none of the leaders presented with overwhelming odds hesitated long enough to blame anyone.  And just so you do know, it seems they all consulted God.  Just an aside, so you know it is ok for you to do the same thing.

Do not hide from your people.  Show them you have the courage.  Will you lose sleep?  Yes.  But, you have time for sleep.  In the examples above, they did not have time to get the sleep you will lose.

So, you are about even on the stress level.

Then get up in the morning and charge that days problems. With integrity, solve what you can.  And what you cannot solve, leave to God and tomorrow’s list of problems.

Leadership is the key to your business.